We awoke early Thursday morning to check out of our London hotel, and take a car to Oxford, about an hour and a half north of London. We took the car with Professor Haddad who was scheduled to talk later that morning at the European Bone and Joint Infection Society annual meeting.

In Oxford, we were brought to the Nuffield Orthopedic Centre, where we were introduced to Mr. Siôn Glyn-Jones, a consultant, and Mr. Anthony Palmer, a registrar.

Mr. Glyn-Jones gave us a tour of the orthopedic center, including their unique bone infection unit. He apologized for the lack of cases in their operating theaters today, but many of their surgeons were down at the bone and joint infection Society meeting.

He also gave us a tour of the research facilities on that campus, which are impressive to say the least. They perform epidemiologic research, clinical trials, and laboratory research out of a single comprehensive research facility. According to Professor Haddad, it is the most well funded, and largest musculoskeletal research facility in all of the United Kingdom.

After this tour, we were brought to the center of Oxford by taxi, to view portions of the bone and joint infection society annual meeting. After hearing some stimulating talks about bone and joint infection, we were taken for a walking tour of The Oxford campus by Anthony Palmer. He was kind enough to show us many of the colleges around Oxford, as well as other interesting sites including “The bear” Oxford’s oldest pub, and “The Eagle and Child”, the Oxford-based pub that CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and other authors frequented.

By the time his tour was done, I was ready to sign up for college again, and enroll immediately at Oxford university.

After a few pints around Oxford, we got into a car and were driven to Derby, approximately two hours north of Oxford. We were driven to the lovely countryside home of Mr. Peter Howard. He and his lovely wife Mandy invited us into their home, and then took us to our hotel, the Boot Inn, for dinner, and drinks.

There Mr. Howard and I discovered a mutual admiration for the Electric Light Orchestra, which was based out of Birmingham, England, approximately 30 minutes away. We shared a fantastic meal, and great company. We also learned a bit about the National Joint Registry, which Mr. Howard has been instrumental in designing, and moving forward.

After another long day, we retired to our rooms for some much needed rest.