Mr. Peter Howard joined us for breakfast at the Boot Inn on Friday morning, and then drove us to Derby Hospital in his 2013 Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport for a busy day in the operating theatres. Much to our delight, his first scheduled case of the day was a traditional English cemented total hip arthroplasty using an Exeter Cemented Stem and Cup. This is really what Michael and I have been waiting for. We came to the Land of Charnley to see the closest thing to a traditional fully cemented hip replacement as we could.

Peter invited us to a few colleagues, including Mr. Arthur Stephen who also had a hip replacement scheduled for the day. He invited us in to his operating theater as well. In addition, in between cases he showed us some new software he has been piloting to help reduce waste in the operating room and at the same time provide more surgeon-specific tools.

In the theatre I was amazed by how few instrument trays were open at the beginning of the case. As the case progressed more trays were opened, but the patient was not delayed from coming into the room until all trays were opened.

In addition, neither Michael nor I were disappointed seeing two consultants each put in cemented total hip arthroplasties. Both Mr. Howard and Mr. Stephen were great teachers and provided their own entertainment as well.

Following time in the theatre we had a quick chance to pop across to the pub with Mr. Howard before coming back for a complicated cases conference. A number of consultants put up cases and asked our opinion, which was an incredible opportunity. After this we were taken out to the Anoki Indian restaurant “for a curry” as the English say. The food was fantastic and only beaten by the company and conversation. So far, our time in Derby is turning out to be a most excellent and welcoming experience.