On Sunday morning we woke up, had our traditional English Breakfast, and met Peter Howard one last time while he insured we got safely in our hired car to go to the train station in Crewe. From there we boarded a train that would land us in Glasgow, Scotland in a little over three hours.

The train ride was very peaceful. We rode across the rolling English countryside through the Lake District and ultimately into Scotland. Glasgow from the train was an ultra-modern metropolis that had 18th century buildings side-by-side with modern architecture.

At the train station we were met by Mr. Dominic (RMD) Meek. He is a tall, pleasant gent with a lovely Scottish accent that is not so heavy that we can’t understand him. He picked us up in his car and drove us to our hotel, the Hotel du Vin & Bistro which is close to the University. Since we had been sitting all day he was kind enough to take us for a walk through the area by the University including the Botanical Gardens, and a stop at a local church that had been converted into a pub. Since it was Sunday (at least by our best recollection), we decided to go into Church, just to have a pint.

After our walk Michael and I went back to our rooms to settle in and freshen up. After that Dominic took us for dinner to meet the rest of the faculty. We ate at a restaurant called the Ubiquitous Chip where we were greeted with a drink, delicious food, and a personalized menu just for our visit!

Among the many faculty there I enjoyed talking to Mr. Sanjeev Patil, a hip surgeon from Glasgow who was going to be taking us around for our activities on Monday. Sanjeev has trained many places and taught me that the best way to learn something new is to “go to the source to learn it.” This is something he took away from his time with Dr. Daniel J. Berry, who mentored him while Sanjeev studied at the Mayo Clinic.

After the excellent dinner and hospitality, Michael and I went back to the hotel, had one glass of scotch to cap the night, and went to bed.