On Saturday morning Michael and I were invited to attend an introductory meeting for a new group that is forming in the Northwest UK to support Orthopaedic training in Africa. Having some experience with medical mission work in Nicaragua, it was comforting to hear that this group was already anticipating some of the pitfalls of bringing help to third world areas. Their hope is to bring sustainable training in Orthopaedic trauma to Ethiopia to address what is a major public health risk. It was a lovely discussion and I look forward to seeing what comes of it. 

After the the meeting we were picked up by a taxi to take us to Liverpool for the football match. We went to Albert Dock in Liverpool to walk around for a while. We walked the dock and enjoyed the fresh reeve off the Mersey. Liverpool is famous, of course, for the Beatles so we ended up at a Beatles museum which was great fun. Following our museum tour we grabbed another fab to Anfield Stadium. 

The air at Anfield was completely electric. Michael and I both bought Liverpool scarves on the way into the game so the locals knew we were on their side. We headed to the main stand and found our way to the hospitality suite. In the main hospitality suite they had laid out tables for a four course dinner. Unfortunately the entire wait staff, kitchen staff, and plumbing were overwhelmed by the crowds and everything (including the water) ground to a standstill. 

Just after game time we wandered out to our seats to be among the rest of the crowd. This is my first Premier League game and I was completely blown away! Liverpool fans were singing and clapping in unison. It was most impressive. I could make out Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone” but they sang so much more. The best part is that Liverpool won 4-1 in front of the home crowd. What an experience!

After the game we shared a cab with some local Liverpudlians back to city center. We ended up hanging out with them for a few hours and seeing the city’s nightlife. They were great hosts, and we had an excellent time!