On Monday I rode with Mr. Hubble to the hospital to spend the day doing total hip replacements with Mr. Howell. Mr. Howell had three total hip replacements on that day. Gee took time before each case to show me the preoperative templates they had created. I was impressed by the careful consideration of details with each case, as well as his deep understanding of the options available with the Exeter prosthesis. The plans involved three cemented stems along with three cemented acetabular components.

All three cases were performed through a standard posterior approach, with the exception of the middle case. During that case Mr. John Timperley scrubbed in and showed us an innovative new approach that he has been working on. Despite the fact that this was not his case, and he was not scheduled to be operating, Mr. Timperley was more than happy to demonstrate his new technique for us (as well as his colleagues). His eagerness to teach us was something we have experienced throughout this fellowship, and is truly what makes this opportunity so amazing.

After cases were finished we went back to the administrative offices where the Exeter group had planned a brief educational session for us. Mr. Graham Gie gave an excellent lecture on the history and design rationale of the Exeter stem. In addition, we had lectures on impaction bone grafting, treatment of periprosthetic fractures, and treatment of hip fractures with the Exeter stem. The conversation was excellent!

After the educational session we briefly stopped home before being taken to The Pig Hotel at Combe for our dinner. The Pig is an old estate that has been converted to a hotel and restaurant. We toured the grounds including the vast vegetable gardens and chatted with the consultants from Exeter and their wives. The dinner was amazing and the company was fantastic. I had a great time talking about the Exeter stem design with Graham Gie.

Though the night went rather late I went home with the now all-too-common feeling that I was just very, very lucky.