On Tuesday morning we had two cases with Mr. Hubble. The first was a revision hip replacement with impaction bone grafting of the acetabulum and a cement-in-cement femoral revision. Mr Hubble was working with one of the fellows who was from Australia. On the second case the fellow went through a standard primary total hip replacement. When the cases were done, Michael and I grabbed our luggage and took a taxi to Mr. Howell’s house.

When we arrive at Mr. Howell’s house he had laid out a traditional “Devonshire Cream Tea” for us. This delightful treat involved fresh scones with clotted cream and fruit preserves, alongside a cup of tea. We sat and at our cream tea with Jonathan and his son, gazing out across the rolling hills of the Devonshire countryside. When we had finished, we put our luggage in his car and headed to the airport in Bristol to catch a plane to Belfast.

As we drove along the M5 to the airport in Bristol I could see thunderstorms to the east and the sun shining in the west. For a brief time, a rainbow followed our car, highlighting our time in Exeter. It has been an incredible experience here, and I am looking forward to capping it off at the British Orthopaedic Society Annual Meeting in Belfast.

Unfortunately our plane was delayed by two hours, but Mr. Howell got us into a comfortable airport lounge where we could relax. I took the opportunity to share the films of a complex total hip patient. It was a wonderful to listen to his advice and collaborate on a patient together. He was so intrigued by the case, he asked to include it into an expert panel on complex total hips that he is chairing at the upcoming BOA meeting. I was delighted to provide the slides for him.

Ultimately we got to Belfast quite late, but we checked into our hotels without any problems and settled into our final living quarters before the journey home.